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Last Updated: Jun 04, 2015 06:09PM BST


This section provides a general overview of the User Dashboard. The Dashboard is the hub of your activity. It displays a list of your favorite wikis, unread messages in your inbox, content you are monitoring and Wikispaces news. Here's a snapshot of the Dashboard:


Favorite Wikis

Your favorite wikis list contains the wikis you belong to or have recently edited. It displays a maximum of 20 wikis and you can view the full list by clicking 'See all the wikis you belong to' toward the bottom of the list. You can add a wiki to the list by typing its name, or remove a wiki by clicking on the small arrow to the right of the wiki's name. You can order the list any way you like by dragging the rows.


The inbox section of your User Dashboard displays up to 5 unread messages. You can click on the subject line to go directly to the message in your inbox. You can click on the username of the message sender to view their account details.



The monitoring section of your User Dashboard displays recent changes to the content you are monitoring. This content can include entire wikis, discussion threads, pages and files. For more information about monitoring content, visit Monitoring and Notifications



The news section of your User Dashboard displays 3 titles of recent Wikispaces blog posts. You can visit the Wikispaces blog by clicking on any of the links. 

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