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Last Updated: Jun 04, 2015 06:06PM BST
Our User Creator tool can be found on an educational wiki's Settings page. It is also accessible through your Members page, when you click on the Invitation button (top-right corner) and choose "Switch to Bulk User Creator". 

Do not user our User Creator tool if you're inviting members that are already registered on Wikispaces. To invite existing accounts, please use our Invite tool, which is located on your wiki's Members area. 

Step 1 - Enter Username Information
  • Your first action should be to choose which wikis your users should belong to - Choose the wiki that you're currently on, and any other relevant wikis that your new users should be part of.
  • Next, choose how to provide our User Creator tool with your list of usernames. You can enter your username list as text, or use a previously created CSV file (i.e. MS Excel file).
  • Your list should contain usernames, but can also include passwords and emails. 
  • Each username should have its own row. If you choose to include passwords and emails, add them to the 2nd/3rd column on their corresponding row.
  • We will generate random passwords if you live the passwords column empty, and will assign fake email addresses if the email column is left empty as well.
Step 2 - Column Assignment
  • The example below shows 5 new users and their passwords
  • After entering all user information, you will be prompted to let our User Creator tool know which column corresponds to which requirement (i.e. Column 1 for Usernames, Column 2 for Passwords).
Step 3 - Correct Errors
  • The next window will alert you of any problems that require correcting.
  • You will be notified whether a username is already registered on Wikispaces, whether a password you've entered is too short, and whether an email address is already registered with a user account.
  • Looking at the example below, there are two errors that require our attention; Username Student301 already exists, and Student3304's password is too short.
  • Correct any errors by typing in new input into the relevant field-box, or by clicking on the trash bin icon next to the relevant user to remove the user altogether.
  • Click on  to make sure that your new information doesn't contain any errors.
  • Click on .
We recommend that you keep a copy of your user credentials as a reference.
Note that you won't be able to make changes to these accounts once they've been created.


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