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Last Updated: Jun 04, 2015 10:30PM BST
What is the difference between Wikispaces and Wikispaces Private Label service?
Wikispaces offers several individual wiki plans (Classroom, Plus and Super) which will allow you to create a single wiki on our site, where anyone can create a user account and create their own wikis.

Some institutions and organizations would like more control over access to their content, which is why we created our Private Label service. Unlike our individual plans, our Private Label service will offer a dedicated site, independent from, where you can build and manage your own network of wikis, like having your own version of our site. Each wiki will still have its own set of pages and files, memberships and permission settings, but as the Site Administrator, you will have access to every wiki, every user account and the global settings. In short, you have full administrative access to every area on your site.

An overview of every subscription plan we offer can be found on our pricing page.

What is the difference between Wikispaces Campus and Wikispaces Private Label service?
Wikispaces Campus offers the same administrative rights and tools as our Private Label service, however, Wikispaces Campus is intended for schools, districts and universities. Only Wikispaces Campus will include our Classroom tools, which were enhancements made specifically with educators in mind. For example, the Project feature, which allows wiki Organizers to create designated working group areas within a wiki, is only available on our Campus service.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Send some details about your plans for using Wikispaces to us at and we will point you in the right direction.

Can I try out Wikispaces Private Label service?
Like all of our subscription service plans, we offer a free 30 day trial for you to get hands-on with Wikispaces Private Label service. Creating your site will offer 30 days of our full service - we do not hold back any features or functionality during this time. At the end of your trial, you can keep your site active by purchasing a subscription.

Who is considered a User?
A "user" is anyone with an active account (username and password) for your site. The user accounts on your Private Label site are unique - meaning a user for our site ( will not be able to sign into your site. A full list of your site's users can always be found on the Site Administration > Users > Search page.

While our Private Label service is priced per user, we do not include deleted users in your site's user count even though you will still see deleted users on your site (for authorship purposes).

Your site will have any number of wikis and a single User can be a Member of any number of wikis. There is never a restriction on the number of Members a single wiki can have not the number of wikis a single User is a Member of.

Can I make my site private - like an intranet?
If you would like to make your entire site private - meaning there will be no publicly visible wikis or pages - you can enable the requirement for guests to sign in. This option is available from the Site Administration > Users & Privacy page.

Want to make sure your site is private and secure? Contact us and we will double check your security settings.

Can I make part of my site private and other areas publicly visible?
Every wiki will have its own set of permission settings. If you do not require users to sign into your site, you can still have individual wikis on your site only allow signed-in users to see and edit content or only allow access for a specific set of users.

Need help with your permission and privacy settings? Contact us and we can make sure your site is as secure or accessible as you need it to be.

​What is the Home wiki?
The Home or "www" wiki will be the only wiki on your site at first. Typically, Site Administrators will use this area as the "Welcome" area of their site, providing links to important wikis or information that will be helpful to all users. 

If you require users to sign into your site, the Home wiki will be visible to anyone who logs into a user account. If you do not require users to sign into your site, this wiki will be publicly visible. If you would like to see a few examples of how other organizations or schools have set up their Home wikis, contact us and we will point you to some helpful sites.

When should I create another wiki vs. another page?
Anytime you have a set of content that you would like to set permissions on a specific set of users, that is generally a good time to create a new wiki. 

Can I copy content from one wiki to another?
Wikispaces Private Label service does include our wiki template tool for building a template and using that template to create new wikis. However, content from a template cannot be applied to an existing wiki. If you need to copy the content of one wiki to one or more wikis, our support team can handle that for you. Send us a brief email to provide us with the address of the wiki containing this content and the address you would like to copy this wiki to.

Can I archive the content of my wiki?
Any individual wiki can be exported in HTML, PDF or Wikitext format. Exports will contain content - not a working version of Wikispaces - that can be viewed offline. The export feature can be found for any wiki in the Settings > Exports / Backups page. Or you can use our WebDAV tool, which essentially turns your wiki into a folder on your PC's desktop so you can drag copies of individual pages and files off (or onto) your site.

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