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Adding a Custom Domain Name for your Site

Last Updated: Jun 04, 2015 10:43PM BST
Your domain name is the address of your Web site. By default, your Private Label site will be found at a subdomain (e.g., and all of your wikis will be located at subdomains of that domain (e.g.,,, etc.). But Wikispaces also lets you use any domain you own as the address of your site, or as the address of any of the individual wikis on your site.

Once a domain name change has taken effect, visitors and users will find your site by typing the new domain into their browser (your old address will continue to redirect to the new location indefinitely). When they arrive at your site, the new domain will be displayed in the address bar.

What to Do
Make sure you or your organization already own the domain. If you don’t already own the domain, you must purchase it from a domain registrar.

Go to Site Administration > Settings > Domain Name, enter your new domain, and click the button to get your custom settings.

If you are using a domain you purchased from a registrar, login to your account with the registrar and create or update your CNAME records (or A records) with the settings you generated in step 2. The exact steps to take will vary by domain host. 

If you are changing to a domain that was already owned by your organization, contact your network administrator and send them the settings you generated in step 2 so that they can update the settings for your domain.

Wait 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

Go back to Site Administration > Settings > Domain Name. Your new domain name should still appear in the text field. If not, reenter it. Click Change Domain Name.

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