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Adding Users to your Private Label Site

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2015 11:40PM BST
​You want to get people involved in your site at the right time, in the right way, and with the right kind of access. To give you this flexibility without sacrificing any of the administrative oversight we know you need, we gave you three different ways to create user accounts.

1. The user creator tool

Where to go:
Site Administration > Users > Create Multiple Users

What to do:
1. Getting Started: Enter your user list
If you want to add users as members of any of the wikis up on your site, you can do that here. Otherwise, you can leave this field blank and let the wiki organizers deal with that later. To get the names into the system, you can either upload a list of users from a .csv, .xls, or .xlsx file, or cut and paste your usernames and passwords into the field.

2. Setup: Choose columns
We’ll present the data you’ve provided back to you in columns. You tell us which column lists the usernames, which lists the passwords, and which (if any) lists your users’ email addresses.

3. Verification: Double-check data
You’ll see a table of your new users with their email addresses and passwords. If there were any problems creating your users, you’ll learn about them and be able to fix them at this point.

4. Confirmation: All done!
Your users are set up on the site and ready to go. All you have to do is send them the link and let them know their usernames and passwords.

Why it’s valuable:
It’s easy to do, and your Private Label site will be ready and waiting for your users before they even open a browser.

2. Self-service user accounts

How it works:
When people want to become users of your site, they’ll click the Join link at the top of the page.

When organizers of individual wikis invite people who are not current users to be members of their wikis, those people will be prompted to create a user account before they can join the wiki.

If you have turned on the Approve New User Accounts setting under Permissions, you will have to approve new accounts at Site Administration > Users > Approve Pending Users. If you don’t have Approve New User Accounts turned on, anyone who requests membership will have immediate access to all the public areas of your site.

Why it’s valuable:
As your site grows and changes, people can decide to bring themselves in. It’s easier for you, and you can still have all the administrative control and oversight that you choose to set.

3. Integration with your existing authentication system

Where to go:
Site Administration > Settings > Single Sign-On

How it works:
Single Sign-On lets your Private Label site share information with your existing user authentication system, like LDAP or Active Directory, via SAML or our own Wikispaces SSO. We also have plugins for IIS/Active Directory or Moodle for even easier integration. Learn more about it on our authentication page.

Why it’s valuable:
If you already have a system that tracks your users and their passwords, your Private Label site can integrate with it. So you don’t have to spend all your time keeping tabs on who’s new to the system and who’s dropped out of the system and so on; and they won’t have to keep track of yet another username and password.

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