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Last Updated: Jun 04, 2015 11:04PM BST


Site Administrator: the person (or people) who manages the global settings and functions of a Private Label site.
Organizer: the person (or people) who handles the administrative functions of a wiki.
User: anyone who has an active account (username and password) on the site.
Member: anyone who has been granted permission to join a particular wiki (must already be an active user).
Guest: anyone who is not logged in.


Page: what you can see in a single browser window (plus scrolling up, down, or sideways) without following any links.
Wiki: a group of individual pages united by a single look and feel, sharing the same files and members, and built around a single common purpose (e.g., all the pages being used by one classroom).
Site: a collection of wikis that share common rules of oversight and draw from a common user database.


Account: a username and password that let you participate in the site as a whole — and a prerequisite for membership in any individual wiki.
Membership: the permission to participate in an individual wiki.

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