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Unblocking Wikispaces

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2015 12:19AM BST

About Blocking

IT and network administrators sometimes run software that prevents access to websites running on particular domains. If an administrator blocks all of Wikispaces (meaning * and * you won't be able to visit your wiki. If you aren't able to have Wikispaces unblocked in its entirety, the following directions describe what is required to selectively unblock one or more wikis.

Unblocking a single wiki on won't make other wikis accessible; if you want to unblock multiple wikis, you must unblock them individually.

The domains listed as required are just that: your wiki will not work without them. There are no workarounds we're aware of — other than unblocking them. As always, we're happy to help if these instructions fall short. Contact Wikispaces support.

Browser Capabilities

Note that Javascript is required to use Wikispaces and must be enabled in one of our supported browsers:
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 9+ (we recommend IE 11 for the best experience)
  • Safari 6

To upload multiple files at once, and for certain embedded content, we also recommend installing the latest version of Adobe Flash.


Individual Wikis on

To ensure that a single wiki on works as expected, you must unblock the following required domains:
* ( and all subdomains)
[your-wiki] (the address of your wiki)
[] (your custom domain, if you're using one)​

Unblocking will not give you access to all the wikis on; it will only give you access to some vital functionality that lives at

To get help and submit payments, we also recommend that you unblock the following suggested domains:​

​In some cases, such as firewalls that block access to HTTPS sites, you may need to unblock by IP address. Our IP addresses are:​

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