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Editor Toolbar - Formatting

Last Updated: Jun 04, 2015 06:07PM BST


This section provides a basic overview of the various formatting options on the Editor Toolbar. It covers basic text formatting, style text, headings on the style menu, and visual organization tools. Here is a snapshot of the formatting buttons on the Editor Toolbar:


Basic Formatting




To format text:
  1. Click bold, italic, or underline button
  2. Start typing

To format existing text:
  1. Highlight the text you want to format
  2. Click bolditalic, or underline button

Style Text 

The style text editor allows you to customize the color and style of the text in your wiki. As you adjust the settings, you can see how your text will appear in the 'Preview of Sample Text'. If you are comfortable with CSS, feel free to utilize the Advanced (CSS) tab.
To format text using the style text editor:
  1. Click 'Style Text' button
  2. Select a font
  3. Adjust font size
  4. Change text color
  5. Change background color
  6. Choose alignment
  7. Vertical position (if using)
  8. Preview the sample text
  9. Click 'Apply Styles'

Style Menu 

The style menu allows you to format text as headings. When clicked, a dropdown menu appears with several different formatting options. 

  • Heading 1 is a primary heading. 
  • Headings 2 through 6 are sub-headings.
  • Formatting headings changes the size and color of the text.
  • Headings are automatically added to the Table of Contents.
  • To embed a Table of Contents Widget, visit Editing a Page.

Visual Organization

 Numbered List

 Bulleted List

 Horizontal rule

To insert a numbered or bulleted list:
  1. Click 'Number' or 'Bullet' button
  2. Start typing
  3. Press Enter to start the next number or bullet

To insert a horizontal rule:
  1. Click 'Horizontal Rule' button
  2. A horizontal line will appear on the page

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