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Last Updated: Jun 05, 2015 12:35AM BST
I accidentally uploaded a giant logo — or I changed my logo, and now my wiki name is gone. What do I do?
By default, all wikis start out with the Wikispaces bonsai logo. You can change that logo to any image that you want, but a custom logo will replace both the bonsai logo and the wiki name. We recommend putting your wiki name in the logo image itself before you upload it.

If the logo you uploaded is to large, just reset it:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Under Settings, click Logo.
  3. Scroll down to Logo and hit the Reset to Default button.
You can find more logo tips in this blog post.

How do I manage my list of pages / wiki navigation?
By default, we put a Navigation widget on your navigation bar. It lets the organizer of a wiki set up a navigation bar that lists all pages and/or pages with the tags they select, then arrange those pages in the way that works best for the wiki. The default navigation bar also lets every logged-in user who visits the wiki see all the pages from that wiki that they have flagged as Favorites.

If this widget has been accidentally deleted, you can find the steps for restoring it here.

You can get a little more information in our blog post about the Insert Navigation widget.

You can learn more about tags in this tips and tricks blog post.

Find out more on our Navigation Bar help page.

How can I keep my information from showing up in a Google search — or make sure that it does appear in a Google search?
Here are the steps for removing your wiki from Google's index:
  1. Navigate to your wiki.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under Settings, select Settings.
  4. Scroll down to Search Engine Settings, and uncheck the box that says Allow search engines to index my wiki.
  5. Click the Save button.
If you want people to be able to find your wiki through a search engine, just re-check the box, and click Save.

It sometimes takes Google a couple of weeks to clear their cache. Once they have cleared their cache, though, the material should no longer appear in the search.

If you have deleted the page or wiki with the sensitive information, it will be removed from the search the next time Google clears their cache.

Improving where your wiki shows up in a search can be an involved process. Google and other search engines can take a couple weeks to index new pages on the Internet and have them appear in their search. There are many ways to improve how high up the search results your site appears. The most basic way is to link to other sites on the Internet and have other sites link back to you.

I (or someone else) edited my page, but I want to change it back to the way it was. Can I go back to an earlier version of the page?
Absolutely. Follow these steps to revert to an earlier version of a page:
  1. Navigate to the page.
  2. Click on the revisions page button to go to the History area. There you'll see a list of timestamped revisions to the page.
  3. Click on any time and date to see what the page looked like when that revision was saved.
  4. When you've found the revision that you want to bring back, click the link that says Revert to This Version.
  5. Review the page to make sure everything is correct.
  6. Go back to editing it as if nothing happened.
Can I copy a wiki? What about a single page within a wiki?
A page copier is definitely on our list of future features, but it doesn't exist yet. For now, copy and paste is probably your best bet.

We can copy whole wikis for you, though:
  1. Create blank wikis that you would like to copy the existing wiki into.
  2. send us the URLs of all the new blank wikis, along with the URL of the master wiki you would like to copy. Be sure to indicate which is which. This email must come from the address associated with your Wikispaces account.

By default, we'll copy all of your pages (including their full history), files, discussions, and tags. Let us know if you would not like all of these features to be copied. We will notify you when the wiki has been copied.

If you were not the creator of the original wiki, we will need to receive an email from the creator as well, granting you permission to copy their content.

I was editing page at the same time as someone else and some changes were lost. Do you have any advice?
If two people edit the same page at the same time, we will keep track of both sets of changes. You will be notified if someone else is editing the page at the same time as you are. If there are no conflicts in the changes, both sets of edits will be seamlessly merged into the page. If the changes do conflict, the following will happen:
  1. When the first user saves his changes, the second user will receive a notification of this and will be able to view the changes.
  2. The second user can view the changes to remove the conflict if she chooses.
  3. If there is still a conflict when the second user saves the page, she will be notified that she is about to overwrite the first user's changes. She will have the option to continue or cancel.

If either set of edits is incorrectly overwritten, you can find your work or revert to an earlier version of the page in the History area.

I can't upload files.
  1. Make sure your files are within the size limits. This varies by wiki plan. Check our pricing page to see what the limits are on your plan.
  2. Check with your network administrator or local IT person to see if there are any local limits on your ability to upload files.

If these don't resolve your problem try our alternate upload method: Click on the + symbol next to Pages and Files.

I started a trial for a paid plan, but I never use it. How do I go back to the free wiki?
Once your trail expires, your wiki will automatically revert to the free Basic plan. You don't have to do anything.

What if I need to leave my wiki or go on vacation? Can I leave someone else in charge?
To put someone else in charge, you just need to promote them to organizer:
  1. Navigate to your wiki.
  2. Go to Members.
  3. Find the person (or people) you want to promote and check the box next to their name(s).
  4. Click Make Organizer.
How do I edit / delete a discussion post?
You cannot edit a discussion post. You can, however, delete and re-post:
  1. Go to the page with the discussion post you want to delete.
  2. Click on the Discussion page button.
  3. Click on the subject of that discussion post.
  4. Locate the post you want to remove and click Delete.
  5. Review the warning and click OK.

If you want, you can reply to the subject with a new post.

How do I change the look of my wiki?
Change your theme (not available on a Classroom Application Type):
  1. Navigate to your wiki.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Themes and Colors.
  4. Choose one of our premade themes and color palettes, or hit Preview and Customize to set your own custom colors.
  5. When you're happy with your selections, hit Apply.

If you are comfortable with HTML and CSS, you can make changes to your custom theme. You can learn more on our themes page.

How do I change the name of my wiki?
  1. Navigate to your wiki.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under Settings, select Settings.
  4. Type your new wiki name into the Name field.
  • This will only change the name of your wiki as it appears in the header. It will not change the address of your wiki, or the way the URL appears in your browser's address bar.

If you want your wiki to appear at a different address, you will need to change the domain name. You can change your domain name once every 30 days:
  1. Navigate to your wiki.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under Settings, select Domain Name.
  4. Enter your New Standard Domain.
  5. Click Change.
  • Your new standard domain will appear as a subdomain of (e.g., If you would like your wiki to live at a custom domain, start by reading our Domain Name help page.

You can also rename a single page on your wiki:
  1. Go to the page you want to rename.
  2. Click the More Page Options button and select Rename.
  3. Type in the new page name and click Rename.

This wiki is using my copyrighted material without my permission, or is otherwise in violation of the Wikispaces Terms of Service.
If you believe one of our users has violated the Wikispaces Terms of Service, send an email to letting us know the specific abuse and where it occurred.

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