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Last Updated: May 13, 2016 09:47PM BST
Single Sign-On Overview
What it is:
Single Sign-On (SSO) lets your existing user authentication server do the work of managing the users on your Private Label site--reducing the number of passwords your users have to remember and giving you a real integration throughout your organization. When a user is logged into one  of your services, SSO carries their session over to the wiki seamlessly. You don't need to manually synchronize account details and passwords, and the user doesn't need to log in again.

The function of SSO is to verify user accounts against your account database and transition active user sessions to Wikispaces. Automated project membership, permission, wiki creation and so can be managed using our SOAP API.

How it works
SSO carries active user sessions over to your Private Label site, and directs non-logged-in users through your existing login process.

With SSO, your user's web browser acts like a messenger between your authentication server and Wikispaces. For this reason, both the authentication server and the Wikispaces Private Label site must be accessible to the user's browser and not blocked by any firewalls. When a logged-in user navigates to your Private Label site, Wikispaces asks the browser to identify the user. The SSO system then prompts the browser to carry that question to the authentication server. If the user is valid, the authentication server replies to the browser in the affirmative, and attaches a secret that Wikispaces will recognize as something that only a valid authentication server will know. When the user's browser repeats this message to Wikispaces, the users session continues onto the Private Label site.

To the user, this is almost instantaneous. They never realize how much has happened.

Your options
First, check out the full documentation to implement integration yourself.

We also have shortcuts, if you use any of the following systems:
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